It has been said that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. Which is probably why most Sherry lovers drink theirs very chilled and straight up. Then again, people say all sorts of things, so we saydrink it however you like it.

At XECO H.Q. we're drinking our Fino this Autumn in a XECO SPARKLE, with an equal measure of sparkling wine, and garnished with a sprig of rosemary for a deliciously dry and moreish aperitif.

We've also gone crazy over TUXEDO MARTINIS: Gin, XECO Fino and a twist of orange = effortlessly cool.

Our ‘Monti’ is scrumptious in a SHERRY COBBLER with lots of seasonal fruits such as raspberries and strawberries, or jazzed up in a XECO SPARKLE with sparkling wine.

Here are a selection of some of our other favourite serves... Let us know how you drink yours? And be sure to spread the word and tag @XECOwines on Instagram.


Our XECO H.Q. team is complemented by a crack group of XECO Ambassadors and Sherry mixologists based at leading bars and hotels across the British Isles.

These Ambassadors have worked to create some rather remarkable signature XECO SERVES which are detailed below. Some are simple, some require skill, but they are all worth the effort and sure to impress everyone, from the sherry newbies to the wizened sherry pros. If you’ve got questionsor indeed suggestionsplease contact us for more info.


The Spritz has ‘long lunch/weekend get-together’ written all over it, and for lighter alcohol options, look no further than our vast array of delightful XECO SPRITZES. And at 15% and 18% ABV respectively, our Fino and Monti are ready substitutes for gin or vodka (typically 40% ABV) when combined in a long-drink or high-ball. The options are almost limitless!

Just look at all the boxes that get ticked:

✔ Easy to make.
✔ Fresh.
✔ Full of Flavour.
✔ Crowd Pleasing.
✔ Low-alcohol (compared to a spirit-mixer).

That’s a lot of boxes! 

Bring forth the weekend!



7 days. That’s how long a bottle of our sherry can last, uninhibited in your fridge, once opened. Leaving you a good week to get to grips with the exciting options this tipple can offer. The versatility of our Fino in particular is incredible, so here’s a round-up of how (in true Craig David-style…mmm…we might want to rethink this analogy) you might consider enjoying your bottle across a 7-day week…

  • Monday: A zingy XECO Ginger to warm the cockles after a dreary Monday commute.

  • Tuesday: A simple yet sophisticated SPARKLE to impress your mate who’s popped over for pizza.

  • Wednesday: A TUXEDO MARTINI because ‘Yes!’ you’re over half-way through the week.

  • Thursday: A chilled glass, STRAIGHT-UP with your favourite person.

  • Friday: Kicking off the weekend with a Friday FIN’TONIC, the perfect appetite whetter.

  • Saturday: Drink it as the Spanish do, in a XECO’JITO while watching the game.

  • Sunday: We chill. Treat yourself to a XECO’NI - our riff on a Negroni - while cooking up lunch... (and then follow with a bottle of Monti which works like magic with roast chicken or turkey).