Isn’t that what grannies drink? Isn’t that what they put in trifle?  You’ve got questions. We’ve got answers. And who knows? We reckon that simple-yet-highly-sophisticated drink you’ve been looking for all your life has been under your nose the whole time… So hold tight, drinks lovers! And welcome to the world of XECO - A Next Generation Sherry.

Wait, so how do I pronounce it?   Good question! It’s pronounced ‘ZECKO’, which makes it easy to hear in a crowded cocktail bar.

So, what exactly is the deal with Sherry? This rather maligned drink, previously squirreled away in the back corner of your aunty’s drinks cabinet, is frankly misunderstood. Sherry is a fortified wine (yes, a wine) that hails from the Andalusian region of Spain.

The driest and sweetest wines in the world are ALL Sherries... so throw out those misconceptions and come with us on a journey to discover Spain’s most exciting and sophisticated tipple.

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